Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Menu—A Long Haul Edition

Maybe it was all the times I had to bring everyone  to the store over Christmas break, running amok, making me play the role of *that* grumpass, hissing mom.  Or the time Cole forgot his new stuffed animal (which was found and kept safe until our next trip, yay!).  Mostly it was that it was Friday morning and I decided I did not want to go grocery shopping at all the next week.  That’s why I decided I would make an 11-day menu, from Friday the 14th through Monday the 24th.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to truly avoid the store for that long—we’re already down to only 4.5 gallons of milk, which might not be enough for my milk guzzlers.  All hail the garage fridge!  A woman in the parking lot spied my cart with 6 gallons of milk and about 8 big sturdy grocery bags and asked how many boys I feed.  :)  We bonded over the miracle that is the garage fridge and scoffed at the PG&E ads that suggest they’re a waste (not if you keep it full of food!).  Funny, we think we’re so unique, but find common ground with strangers in the oddest places, like a parking lot.  :)

Anyway, here ‘tis—the 11 Day Long Haul.  It’s Day 5, running strong.  We’re down to one banana, which I would buy more of *if* I get milk, but otherwise, oh well ~ not like we’re having muscle cramps here and need potassium STAT!  ;)

Friday: Beef-Vegetable Soup
Saturday: Salmon, Palak Paneer, Purple Cabbage (just with a little butter, salt, pepper~last of co-op)
Sunday: Crock Pot Carnitas, Black Beans, Cornbread
Monday: Moroccan Garbanzo Bean Stew w/ couscous
Tuesday: Brats & Red Lentils, Salad
Wednesday: Pasta Bolognese
Thursday: Sausage & Zucchini crustless quiche
Friday: Chicken Divan
Saturday: leftovers *or* Low Carb Picadillo, Homemade Mac & Cheese for Kids
Sunday: Carnitas Enchiladas
Monday:  White Bean & Black Olive Soup, fresh bread

Phew.  For some reason links won’t embed today.  Pardon the old school method, just in case you’re interested in trying one.  :)

Black Bean & Olive Soup:
Crock Pot Carnitas:
Chicken Divan (a repeat because we all liked it, all being a non-Carter, relative term):
Garbanzo Bean Stew:
Bolognese—the one I have used faithfully for 7-8 years:


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