Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At Least They Agree

When we were walking (biking, scooter-ing, sleeping in a stroller) home from the park recently, we passed down a long street undergoing some sort of utility work, lined with signs forbidding anyone from parking during work hours for the duration.  After a while I stopped short and stared at one.


I wrote it off as a simple error, probably not intended.

However, the next, and the next, and the next 50 all said the same thing.  The kicker is this: some were done in a totally different handwriting.


The best part?  I did see one done correctly, and it was in sign maker #2’s handwriting.  I wish I had taken that photo, but didn’t and I shan’t be taking too many photos until the camera doctor tells me if the case of ADD my camera has developed is curable (seriously, the camera can’t focus on ANYthing at all, though it still takes photos just fine—you know, as long as blurry is your goal {I’m using my daughter’s crappy kindly loaned camera in the meantime}).  It kinda makes me chuckle to think of sign maker #2 writing one down, then sign maker #1 coming over to correct it.  “No, it’s with a “Y”, dude.”  So anyway, yeah, about 75 of these grace the street.

As a person who has corrected a mistake on a restaurant’s specials board once or twice when walking by by wiping off apostrophes, I hope I’m not the only person who’s seen this and felt their eye twitch, just a LITTLE.  :)

You think they mean Monday to the day the sun engulfs the earth?  That wouldn’t surprise me, given the pace of things.

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a frank design said...

Maybe it really is Mon to Fry. But what are they frying?! Hmmm...


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