Monday, January 17, 2011


We’ve been enjoying some great January weather here the past few days, with highs nearly 70 and sunny afternoons.  It’s so nice to throw open the windows and air things out.  Saturday all of us walked (or rode bikes/scooters) to a nearby park and it was a real mood lifter for everyone to be outside for hours.

Cole walked nearly a mile, then asked to be pushed in the BOB where he promptly fell asleep.  He always does that and misses out on some park time, but woe to anyone who wakes that dude from a happy nap.  WOE, I tell you.  So he snoozed until half an hour before it was becoming chilly and time to head back home.

Cole loves both his new backpack and the baby doll, a frequent companion.

Everyone else played and ran, and took turn on the scooters.  I even rode Bun’s scooter some, and pretty much suck at it, but it was fun anyway.  Carter rode his bike to the park, but switched to his new scooter for some practice.  Learning a new physical task is funny.  I remember when I was learning to snowboard that I’d realize I was clenching my arms and all these muscles that were TOTALLY unneeded, and, though I’d consciously relax, later I’d be back at it, exerting way more energy than necessary because I was trying SOOOO hard.  I noticed Carter was doing the same thing with his scooter.


However, in only a short while, he was gliding for longer and longer periods, and balancing much more smoothly.


But, since he is still learning, his form again deteriorated once he began to tire out.  That was another thing I clearly remember from learning to board: at the end of the day I could barely make it down my last run I was so sloppy-tired.

Carter’s now a full fledged 5 year-old now, and in the midst of a mad growth spurt, first putting on an inch or two in height in late summer and now in a pudging up spurt—and eating mass quantities (for him).  Today I opened his lunch box, expecting to find the usual 75% remaining because he wanted to play more than he wanted to eat, but he ate everything, including his usually neglected apple.  Then he asked for food right after we arrived home (an hour after lunch) and gobbled two snacks.  My little guy is less little.


And, sometimes, he looks like a stinky big boy.  Then I make him put on his footy pajamas and snuggle me while he still will.  Actually, there is no force required there – he is still my snuggly little guy… and his footy pjs have skulls on them.  Talk about one foot on either side of a line between being a preschooler and a bigger kid, huh?

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