Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Fun with My Nearly 3 Year-Old

Cole and I have been having a great time playing "blocks" together. Really, they're lego duplos, but no matter.

It's his first real foray into imaginary play, and he asks me many times a day to join him, and, of course I do.

I get bored easily, though, and have to make the game silly. Cole really just wants to put the people in the bus and make vroomy-vroom-vroom noises. I like to inject a little drama.

So, we have a game I call, Rude Bus Driver and the Man Who Just Wants to Know If This Bus Will Take Him to the Store. Rude Bus Driver, for short... :) It all started because Cole always drives the bus and I am the old man getting on. The old man gets on, the bus moves, the man gets off--repeat. Now, this is enough, I suppose, but I got bored and a little slap happy after about 1000 iterations and had the man ask, "Is this the bus to the grocery store?" Cole was baffled, as was the bus driver. "I said, is this the bus to the store?" Nothing. "Why won't you tell me where the bus is going?" By then Cole was laughing.

The game goes on and on, until the man decides to hitch a ride with the nice Recycling Truck Driver, in the recycling cart. Also, Cole hates the little girl in this set and has decided she can only ride in the stowage area under the passengers. This bus is weird, man.

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