Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yes we can!

Being an “at home” mom means much, but what I am thinking about at the moment is that I’m spoiled with a luxury that makes me bratty about one particular thing: I don’t have to take my kids to the ‘kid places’ when they’re crowded on weekends, breaks, and holidays.  The kids benefit from this, as they get to spend more time doing and less time waiting.  Yeah, yeah, there is something to be learned standing in a long line or jockeying for position, but patience is something I’d rather learn/teach by waiting for a sown seed to sprout or understanding that quiet time benefits everyone at home and will be enforced.  Watching the line in front of you shorten and spending 75% of an outing waiting?  No thanks.

Consequently, we have not been to the Discovery Museum at all this summer.  We visited the awesome one in my hometown, though, go figure.  ;)

Tuesday it was time to go, since a Bob the Builder exhibit that only opened in early summer is set to close right before Labor Day—and Cole looooves him some Builder Bob.

The ‘wing’ where travelling exhibits are presented is actually a large room, and is perhaps the size of a couple of volleyball courts, but we spent hours in there.

Hi there, Scrufty!

Building a wall with foam rocks.

Cole loves playing dress up, and hogged this belt and hat nearly the entire time.

All the machines and main characters were there, except that annoying scarecrow, probably because he is freaky.

I had to take a photo of this bunny for my Bunny, who could not come since the poor dear was at camp (world’s smallest violin…).

When we had fully explored the new exhibit, it was time to return to some favorite spots.


The Children’s Garden, where they can dig and rake.

It is a little-known fact that the most important body part used when raking is the tongue…



We hunted for interesting shapes and made sun prints, which are framed and hung with pride at home.


Picking the ripe grapes is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.


Carter always wants to go play in the bubble room, and I never want to take Cole, who promptly rubs his eyes with bubbly fingers, but today I decided it was time for Cole to begin to learn through aversion therapy if necessary.


Again, with the tongue…

We made it about 10 minutes before I heard the beginning stanzas of My Eyes, My Eyes (Ow, My Eyes! ). It was nearly Quiet Time time, so a perfect chance to go to the washroom, rinse off and hit the road.  Cole was sleep before we were halfway through the 10 minute drive home.  :)

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