Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Co-op Cookin’: Cilantro Shrimp with Tomatoes & Peppers


Our shares from my CSA are getting HEAVY, man.  I felt like I was lugging a huge bag of flour to the car last week, as it is full-on bounty time here.  4 baskets of strawberries, 2 baskets of my favorite raspberries on earth (we become sooo excited about these!), tomatoes, peppers, squash… bounty.

Much to my children’s dismay, I am determined to reincorporate seafood in our diet a couple of times a week.  I spent a while flipping through the most recent issue of Cooking Light, which has been hitting it out of the park in the past few months, and found Cilantro Shrimp.  Cilantro has been a regular in the share, and I liked the idea of veering into Eastern recipes, as I was tiring of Latin American uses for that herb.  To up the veggie content, I modified the recipe to add chopped bell and some mildly spicy pepper in with the onions and garlic, and added diced tomatoes in the final minute before adding the cilantro.

Paul and I loved it.  For him I served it with salad of CSA radicchio and lettuce, and for me, I had salad separately, and put mine in a bowl over rice noodles.  It was also good the next day for lunch, heated gently.  It’s very summery, but the kids would not touch it.  Oh well.  More for us, haha!  :)


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