Friday, August 20, 2010

Co-op Cookin’: Chunky Gazpacho with Sauteed Shrimp


We all but have tomatoes coming out our ears right now with what’s coming in our share and from our four plants. It’s funny how every year we eagerly watch the tiny starter plant work its way up through the cage, form little flowers, then miniscule baby tomatoes, checking daily to admire their progress, and we feel like they’ll never quite be ripe.

Finally we can’t stand it anymore and we pick one that really needs an extra day or two—the wait has been too much and we need to try one whether it’s really time or not.

Then, all of a sudden they’re coming at you like monsters from a movie, but instead of crying, “Feed me!” they beg, “Eat me!”

While I will be peeling and seeding, then squishing plenty into zipper bags for winter eating, we’re also enjoying about 2000% of our RDA of tomatoes at every meal except breakfast. The August 2010 issue of Cooking Light has a great gazpacho recipe that I’ve made twice so far and plan to make weekly for the next month or so. As with nearly every recipe I try, I just adapt it to what I have and don’t worry about the specific varieties and colors of tomatoes, and I love that it has no bread, so my carb hatah husband has no objections.

Actually, he quite likes it! It tastes great the day you make it, but even better a day or two later. Find the recipe HERE. Make the shrimp to have a quick dinner, or simply make the soup any old time.

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