Thursday, August 12, 2010



We’ve been having a LOT of luck finding sand dollars the past week or so.  Unfortunately (for us) or, depending on how you look at it, fortunately (for the sand dollars), about 1/3 or them have been alive and needed to be gently tossed back into the surf to hopefully live on.  Carter, aka Prince Midas, took a while to get used to the concept of throwing live ones back.  Not only does that mean less shells, but—get this—less dollars for him.  I think he’s confused by the name.  :)


Elle said...

I honestly have to say, that despite the story, I do not like this at all. Poor guy. I know he's little and he doesn't understand, but his face just breaks my heart. :( Being little is so hard.

Kristianna said...

Being little *is* hard, and that is part of the journey. Life--and childhood--is not all smiles, and I want to capture it all to remember, and for him to remember when he was little, how he saw things.

The photo was snapped as he came tearing up to me from afar (I'd had the zoom on to watch them from ~25 ft away), as it was Bunny who informed him the sand dollar he'd found was alive and needed to be put back. On a positive note, he is much better about putting back 'non-keepers' now, and understands they're alive and deserve to remain that way.

Off topic: I was very irked yesterday at the beach when a 12-ish girl ran up to her family's blanket about 10 feet away and declared, "I found a sand dollar! It's still alive, but it'll dry out and die soon." Her family was a-okay with it, too. (Grumble, grumble.)


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