Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ages 6 to Adult

There is a reason nearly 5 year-olds are not in the recommended age group for Jenga.

Today Carter asked me to make a tower with 'the skinny blocks'. Upon completion, I wanted to show him how Jenga is played and slid a piece out then placed it up on top.

Carter: Mom, you are messing up my tower!
Me: It's okay, this is the *game.* It's called Jenga and you try to make the tower EVEN taller.
Carter: It has holes!
Me: Yep. See the box? It gets taller and taller, then the person who can't take out a block then put it on top--the person who makes it all fall down--loses. I really like to play this game!
Carter: Mom, you're freaking me out!
Me (stifling laughter): Really?
Carter: The enemies are going to get into the castle through the holes and take the king's gold! Now it's a bad tower! It's ruined!

So, we rebuilt it, with none of those awful holes.

Wouldn't want anyone to freak out...

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