Monday, August 02, 2010

Taking a little break from all the sand.

We’re halfway through Little Guards here, and the boys were feeling a bit burnt out playing on the beach after 8 consecutive weekdays, so I decided to mix it up a bit.

Thursday we went to Felton Covered Bridge Park, close and different enough to be fun.


There are trails to explore.


There’s (gasp!) a covered bridge to run, whoop, and holler in and through.


Adjacent to the park is a stable to which the public is allowed access. The boys marveled at the size of these beasts, and were allowed to pet a few after asking permission.


Of course, there is a playground, too! It was a good change of pace, and inspired us to…


…ride the train the next day!

To be continued (Mama needs to pack for today’s beach fun)

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