Friday, May 15, 2009

What a mess!

I don’t have many drawers in my kitchen. In fact, I have 4. Feel free to pity me and my utter lack of storage space, as I also have very few cabinets. It’s forced me to put pantry items in a built in cabinet that was made for china, and to store some bulk foods in the garage. Boo.

As a result, my junk drawer is also my utensil drawer. Some say there is no need for a junk drawer in an orderly house. Well, this ain’t no orderly house, hahahaaaaaaooooo (laugh dissolving into moan).

But once in a blue moon, I do have to tackle and sort out the stuff that really does have a better keeping place. And yesterday the moon looked a bit bluish to me. :)

The craziest part about this is I knew what was in there, and could put my hands on it very quickly. Really!

The first thing I did was empty the drawer and wipe all the crumbs out – the ones that could FIT. ;) I sorted the detritus and have to say it’s pretty amazing what all was lurking around the edges! Then I chucked out the things, like that freaking Kidz Bop CD, that I would never miss. The picture hanging items were put away in the garage. Duplicates of weirdness, like baby ‘snot suckers’ were discarded, as one is generally more than enough (no clue why I had a second… probably came with something I did need). A lot of this does ‘belong’ in the catchall area, though, so I decided to contain it better.

Arguably some of these items would be ‘theoretically’ better in the garage or where ever, but I really like to have the little flower snippers handy for when I am trimming cut flowers, which I do at the counter. And so forth… It’s still a very full drawer, but when you have FOUR, space is at a premium. :)


Elle said...

That top pic just sent me back to my childhood, with that one long drawer we had that had everything known to man in a 1.5x2 ft space. Wow! Kudos on the organization at the bottom. :)

Kristianna said...

Wasn't that all the drawers in our kitchen? They all seemed mysterious to me, and full of stuff no one ever used.

Elle said...

That is true. It's almost as if the word organization didn't occur to either of our parents (that and neither of them were very centered). OH well!

Suzanne said...

WTG! Even though you could find what you needed the way it was, it looks cleaner and so much more user-friendly when it is neat. :-)

Laurie said...

I just threw out a baby snot sucker a few months youngest is 11? I must have had a dozen of those and I don't think I ever used them.

Drawer looks great! I can't believe you only have 4 drawers, that would make me crazy, I have 11 drawers.

Kristianna said...

I'm pretty sure this kitchen predates built in dishwashers, and there was probably another cabinet and drawer which was consumed when the d/w was installed (more than fair trade if you ask me).


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