Friday, May 22, 2009

I Can’t Stand the Febreze Smell

I mean, I really dislike that fragrance that apparently drives most other people to such a blissful state that they’ll smell carpets, and my laundry choices have been limited by which isn’t trying to incorporate Febreze into their fragrance line. Again, probably most people are superhappy-yay-yay-yay about fabric softener with Febreze. Me? Nope.

However, I have three kids, a husband, and a cat. I need some kind of fabric freshening! So I have sucked it up and bought the F-word a few times, since I prefer anything to the smells we have around here sometimes.

Recently I found a solution, though. Caldrea Fabric Spray in Sweet Pea. It’s supposed to be for ironing (as if I do much of that), but it’s awesome as a quick pick up smell right before company is here. It’s a couple of bucks more than Febreze (but less at my ACE than the price I see online), but the bottle is a good size, and I find I don’t need to use nearly as much. Plus, I actively enjoy the fragrance, which lasts longer than anything else I have tried (and that would be many, many products). Yay!


Elle said...

I don't like Febreeze b/c it reminds me of my first year teaching 5th grade. The kids stank to high heaven and were badly behaved, so I thought I'd use Febreeze in the room. UGH! It made me gag, and it will forever be linked to that group of kids. No Frebreeze for me either.

Kristianna said...

It sounds like the scented oil things help you a lot. Sadly the 1 yr old rips them out of the plugs with amazing consistency. I guess b/c they're closer to eye level to him he notices them. :)

The Mommy said...

Oh.My.God girl. you are making me laugh. I found you from the #flylady forums (although I wouldn't exactly call myself a flylady...more like a fly wanna be) and I'm so glad I did.

I'm really enjoying your writing style, your adorable family and your adventures in Curious George (that post must have some fun google keyword hits), deviled eggs and the adventures in junk-drawer cleanup.

I hate the f-word smell too. I personally use water with a few drops of essential oil placed in a fine mist spray bottle. Works like a charm, and I can change the scent any time I like.


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