Friday, May 08, 2009

Conversation with Carter

Yesterday as we were going to pick up Bunny from school.

Carter: Mama, next time can I drive my own little car behind you?
Me: Your toy car? I think you’d get scared on the road in that. Grown up cars are fast and noisy.
C: No! (laughs as if I am SO STUPID) I want my own tiny REAL car!
Me: Oh! I’m sorry honey, but you’re not old enough to drive a real car.
C: Please? I can do it! I can do it, mom! Please?
Me: Carter, I am sorry, but it’s against the rules. People have to be SIXTEEN years old to drive.
C: I’m three and a half! (said as if this is clearly old enough, not despairingly at all)
Me: I didn’t make this rule. The police won’t let little boys drive.
C: I’m a big boy!
Me: You’re right, you are a big boy. But you have to be older to drive.
C: You’re poo poo. Stinky poo poo diaper baby.

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Elle said...

Ouch. Tough words from the little man.



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