Thursday, May 07, 2009

Can’t help it…

I was straightening Bunny’s desk this morning when I spied her ‘journal’, open to a page. Normally I just close it and put it aside while I corral her crayons, markers, and pencils, trying to sort the gum wrappers and debris from the nontrash.

But this entry from a couple of months ago is hysterical, so I had to scurry off and scan it. Sorry, Bunny!


For those not accustomed to reading phonetic spelling:


My brothers are borthering (bothering) me a lot. the bad news is I had to do a lot of homework. even worse my brother wacked me in the fais (face) with a snacke (snake) and it was ruber (rubber). what a dummy. Oh hel (he’ll) get it. Hel (He’ll) get a big nuckl (knuckle) sandwich! and Cole he ran into my room 10000 times. p.s. dummy!

I think I remember this day. She was in the WORST mood that afternoon. It was spring break, but she had a week’s worth of makeup work piled up, and I forced her to do some that day. Good times.


George said...

Oh I used to love reading my kids journals when they were small! I still have them, and love to look back and damn cute :)

Laurie said...

LOL, BTW, George is ME!! I was signed in with my uncle's email account I guess....

Kristianna said...

I was wondering WTH George was!! Hahahaaaa!


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