Monday, May 18, 2009

Hot Days, Cool Treat

This past weekend our area felt like a furnace. Saturday we headed to the beach, which was actually just as hot as home, but the water was only 53 degrees. After playing for a few hours we went to dinner at Riva. The meal was good, as always, but for the kids, the highlight of Riva is their gelato.

Carter loves chocolate ice cream more than just about anything on earth, so his choice was not surprising: chocolate decadence. :)

Bunny likes fruitier flavors and went for raspberry sorbet.

Cole just helped himself to whatever he could reach.

Carter had a little trouble with the drippy consistency of gelato, but loved, loved, loved it nevertheless.

Bunny’s always very generous with her food and shared it with everyone whereas Carter resented Cole’s intrusions in his chocolaty bliss.

He did his best to not waste one drop. :)

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