Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nature Walk

The other day, while Cole snoozed in the stroller, Carter and I went on a little nature walk by this river. It felt like getting away from it all… kinda.

See, the river just happens to run through downtown. What’s a million people between you, me, and the river? It *felt* like we were in a different world, at least!

There were big rocks to climb.

Unfortunately, there was not much opportunity for wading, but we did enjoy walking along the river, and through the ‘scary tunnel’ under the street.

Carter really wanted to drop something off the bridge into the river, but I convinced him it would be better to put the random litter he found into a trash can. He did torture me a bit ‘pretending’ to drop stuff, though.

It’s a bit different than the walks I took when I was a kid, lost (sometimes literally) in what seemed like endless woods, but I foresee many more walks here.

Plus, Carter loves airplanes passing overhead.

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