Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wall Friendly Graffiti

A friend ‘wrote’ this message on Bunny’s wall the other day. And I was delighted! See, it was done with Bendaroos…

Most of the ‘crafts’ they have commercials for are utter crapola. Blendy Pens became Ugly Mixed-Up Colors Pens in about 5 minutes. Pixos, formerly known as AquaDots (now 100% date-rape drug free!), are gluey messes, even if they are supposedly safe. However, if you’re looking for something to TRULY clog the bathroom sink, these are for you! Someone gave Bun Pixos for her birthday, so we know this from experience, even the sink part.

I must say Bendaroos are quite nice. They’re simply string coated in colored wax, and they stick to whatever hard surface a child whishes then come off clean. They’re also reusable, but once they’ve been balled up really hard, they may be hard to unwind. All in all, Bendaroos may be the one ‘made for TV’ toy that is worth buying.

Bunny even decorated a vase I used to corral chocolate coated strawberries for her party with Bendaroos.

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