Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Coloring Book for Kids Who Don’t Like Coloring Books

The “Rosie Flo’s” coloring books are a great find to help me in my unending quest for things that help stave off the ‘I’m boreds’, something that has been a trial at times with Bunny, who is nevereverever very excited to amuse herself.

She’s never been a big fan of ‘coloring’. I can’t say I blame her, but I personally am a fan of sometimes having her go into her room and be quiet. :) Hey, I’m human, and I have 3 kids.

Anyway, the Rosie Flo’s books seem to be a nice middle ground for when kids don’t really want to draw, but also don’t just want to color. The creator has set up pages of scenes that are partially drawn, but leave a lot of room for interpretation. Some are fancy dresses where you draw the scene and the bodies and heads. One favorite is the ‘time travel’ book, which has what I think are the most hysterical scenes.

This is not a preschool coloring book. For starters, there is a lot of detail. Additionally, the subject matter might scare a smaller child (or not, and in that case, I would worry about the child if they did understand the subject matter!).

Here are a couple of completed scenes that I enjoy.

Hijinks at court.

I call this one, “I think I’ll take a walk now.”

As I said, the time travel book is a bit eclectic. Most of them are far more ‘every kid’. However, I have to say, this is the one with the most complete pages.

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