Saturday, May 09, 2009

Adventures with Paint

It was a Discovery Museum day for the boys and me yesterday. Poor Bunny had to go to school. (But she did have a very fun play date after school, so she had a nice day, too.)

Right off the bat Carter wanted to go up to the Wonder Closet, and the little art room was where he wanted to go first. He got to paint with toys!

He had a super time ‘making tracks’.

I think the plane was the ‘paint brush’ he likes best. He’d fly it around, making a noise that required this face here (haha), then the plane would land on the paper and make more tracks. Carter loves to paint, but does not like to get more than just a little messy. He goes to the sink every few minutes to wash his hands. Dirt? He’ll bathe in it and stay muddy. Paint? Not so much.

Cole is not that way.

Yesterday was the first time he held a paintbrush. The painting wall in the Wonder Cabinet is perfect for him-the pots of paint are at just the right height, the brushes are plentiful, so he can double fist, and when we got there, the wall was mostly clean, so Cole really saw what he was making happen.

Plus, I mean… come ON! This is adorable. I spend about 23.5 hours a day with him and still could just eat him up looking at this photo!

Well, no. Probably not now.
Name the movie! Name the movie! :)

After he was done ‘making tracks’, Carter joined his little brother at the painting wall.

I encouraged Cole to see what happened when he touched the paint—how he could make lines and handprints in it.

He had no problemo complying. It felt neat, and was fun!

In between frequent hand washings, Carter preferred to stick to the paint brush. Sure, he got some paint on his pants, but he really didn’t want his hands to get too ‘painty’ as he put it.

I think we will be spending more time at this wall.

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