Saturday, December 13, 2008

Work In Progress

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Well, the baby is a work in progress,as are all children, but my meaning is that I'm like the tortoise with regard to holiday decorating. It takes me days, and I'm alright with that. Bunny would love it all done immediately, but I seem to be only able to get a small portion completed at a time. Otherwise I become g-r-u-m-p-y, which is not how I want to do the holidays.

It's been a bit of a mental adjustment for me to accept this is how I am. When I was a child, there would be a day every year in early December when suddenly we'd come home from school to a house that was decorated to the hilt. My mom always did holidays rather well, centerpieces that I wish I could find these days (the accordian paper cauldron for Halloween was a particular favorite of mine). Really, no detail was left undone it seemed, and the house was magical. My father would call her the Christmas Fairy.

Me? Not so much. :) I have the mantle decorated (except the gingerbread house, which Bun and I will make this weekend [probably]), but the dining room table is covered with all the stuff that was on the table, which I will put away today, maybe tomorrow, but surely this weekend. We bought the tree Wednesday afternoon, and then Thursday put the lights on it as well as our 'new' 2008 ornaments. Yesterday I had thought we'd complete decorating the tree, but everyone was cranky, so we put it off until this morning.

I'm slow. But it does all get done. More or less. Hey, at least I get up every single day with the kids. And I do mean every day--I've slept in 2-3 times in 2008, and 'in' means until maybe 7. That, to me means more than some huge effort a few single days a year. We'll see what the kids think about it looking back someday, but ya does yer best and that's the best yous can do. ;)


Elle said...

:) Secret: the accordian shaped pieces can be found at teacher supply if you can find a local teacher store, they have 'em there. I found an accordian turkey for my classroom. :)

I think I've got the decorating gene in me (having students who give me Christmas things also makes it easier to decorate), but I like how you decorate. It's simple and pretty, and it's your own style, which is what it should be. :)

Kristianna said...

I will have to check out hte teacher supply store near me for Hween next year. :)

Elle said...

Oh, and also party supply stores. If you have a Party City, they are also there, too. :)


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