Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some days you wonder why you got out of bed.

Well, the morning was alright up to a point, but going with the boys to the park was kind of a disaster for the first half hour. I was going to walk with Sonja on trails by a lake before playing at the 'airplane playground', but Christi wanted to be at a sunnier park, so we agreed on one near my house. It was COLD (for here) this morning and I was alright with not getting s sniffly Cole out in that before it warmed up a bit.

But then I finished the hat I quick-like decided to crochet him and thought a walk could be in my future if I just loaded the boys into the stroller ASAP. So I did, and the walk was really pleasant. I arrived at the park, warm from my walk, and Sonja was there with Eric in the sand area. I plopped Cole in the sand and sat down next to him on the edge. Sonja and I were chatting and Cole was crawling around, then suddenly Sonja called out, "Oh, Cole! Don't put that in your mouth!" I saw him taking out something he had indeed put in his mouth, with a sour/confused look on his face. I went over and, yep!, cat poop. YAY! I grabbed wet wipes, and cleaned his face and hands--and for once he did not object at all, actually sticking out his tongue to help me clean that undoubtedly awful taste. Then I got out the Purell and hit both our hands. Then we went to the restroom and I washed our hands again with soap and water, and I also tried to clean his mouth a little more, but really whattaya gonna do?

Walking out, I had Cole on my hip, and didn't see the rock on the sidewalk. So, I tripped over it and fell. As I'm falling, I'm just hoping I can wrench my body around so I take the brunt of it and Cole is not hurt or dropped. I did manage that, but hurt both my knees, the knuckes of my left hand and the knuckles/palm/wrist of my right hand. Cole, I think, was so dazed by the odd turn events had taken since he found a dubious treasure in the sand that he really didn't even seem to notice we were suddenly sitting on the ground.

I got us back to the sand area and again sat down with Cole. Sonja had an unopened bottle of water and I took her up on the offer to let Cole sip some to maybe get any nasty taste out of his mouth. Well, since new bottles are thinner to consume less plastic, they're easy to squeeze and spill. So as I was letting Cole sip, he grabbed it and squeezed! Like lava, the water bubbled out of the top and all over Cole's legs. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Anyway, the trip to the park was much better after that, thank goodness, and any injuries I took to my knees seem to be only scrape/bruises and I may have a bruise on the palm. Not so bad considering--and I was happy, since I had to walk 1.5 miles home!

Now I simply have to keep from obsessing about toxoplasmosis. :-/ It's some scary stuff, but also not really likely at ALL (I read only 2% of infected cats shed oocytes in their feces, any infected cat only does it for some short time once in their lives after being infected, it takes a few days for the oocytes to become pathogenic after actually being 'shed' by the host... yada yada). Just something to add to a mom's list of things to be convinced her child has, because there is no worry like the worry a mom can produce.

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Elle said...

Man, that is one crappy play date. Yikes! Are you okay? is your back hurting?


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