Sunday, December 28, 2008

To the farm.

Today we went as a 5-some to Rancho San Antonio Park. There are lots of great trails, but we went to Deer Hollow Farm, which was preserved by the city of Mountain View as a cultural exhibit so that all the citified folk around here can see what a farm looks like.

It's a half mile or so walk from the entrance to the farm. Cole was very fussy the second half, so we stopped at the first available, not right on the trail bench to let him have a snack.

Bunny snapped this photo of Carter under a tree right by us. He was having a three year old moment, and wanted to be left alone to stew over... something or another. Three year-olds are complex creatures.

This was something weird to find in a barn: a nearly whole horse skeleton arranged to stand in a stall with a festive Santa hat. Um, okayyy.

Moving on, we went to the sheep pen. Much cuter than skeletons!

See? Fuzzy, not bony.

There was a rabbit house, but the rabbits were facing their food, and furry rabbit backs are simply not very photogenic. Next!

I like chickens. So do the kids. Cole seemed mystified by them.

This hog was huge. I mean really, really big. And she appeared to be expecting a bunch of little piglets this spring. Carter was disgusted and fascinated by her at the same time. I think he found a kindred spirit in the dirtiness. :)

Don't ask me what my weird three year-old is doing here. Being three, I suppose.

After we wandered around the little farm area, Bunny and I had fun snapping a lot of photos. She still needs to learn, more than anything, to STOP MOVING when taking a picture. Many of hers were blurred. But some were nice!

I took these:

And Bunny took these!

I like that last one a lot.
I'm trying to decide how I feel about a family outing to the aquarium today. I've been fighting some bug for a few days, and feel kind of run down, but I am sure we'd have a good time... think think think.

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Heidi-Marie said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! I love them! You have a talent (or rather 'another' talent)! You should enlarge and frame them!


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