Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Got my 2 front teeth, so I'd like...

I am finally done with my Christmas preparations... well almost. Tomorrow I'm schlepping to Trader Joe's to get a few odds and ends, and we will make cut out decorated cookies. Otherwise, I truly am as done as I will be.

Paul? He's taking out Bunny to the mall tomorrow. I told him I really don't want anyTHING as much as I want him to take a day, suck it up, and come to the aquarium with us all. He said he would do that, and go to Lush. He's been so busy for the past few months that we've really only had a couple of trips to the park for family time, and it's hard when you never do anything with a person to connect. Hard for adults, but doubly so for kids. Paul's not the best with loud places, lines, and um... doing things. He likes nature, hiking, places large and open. Which I can respect. But sometimes you need to see your children excited about something new, and let yourself get caught up in their moment and not worry about what you like to do.

So, Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas is for our family to enjoy an outing that is not to a park or beach or mountain. Fingers crossed. If this goes well, maybe I can even convince him to come to the Discovery Museum sometime. One can dream. I think he'd enjoy it, given the afforementioned 'taking a step back and not worrying about getting anything in particular accomplished'.


Elle said...

I hope your wish comes true too...if not, I'm coming out there to smack him on his big, round head. ;)

Kristianna said...



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