Thursday, December 04, 2008

Conversations with Bunny

Today we braved the hell that is Costco, and I discovered it's not as crowded at about 3 as it is at 10 when I usually go. The end.

Ha ha, just kidding. That would be a rocking post, though, right?

Bunny LOVES the books at Costco, and they're really pretty great, so I generally let her choose one. Yesterday she chose one about *shock!* animals. The book is super cool, with clear lift-up overlay pages that show the insides of, say, a spider. Bunny loves that stuff.

While driving home I had to remind her many, MANY times I can not look at the book with her while driving a car, and she excitedly turned pages. "Oooh, I can see where a cheetah's heart is!"

Then a moment later:

Why are boy things so much more interesting than girl things?

After a moment asking her to clarify the very vague use of 'thing' in her question, it was clear that, as I suspected, she was asking why it is that boys are supposed to like mechanical and scientific topics and girls are supposed to want to sit and pretend to be princesses or mothers. I didn't get into the whole gender blah blah blah, but did say that if she likes something, then that's more than reason enough to pursue it and anyone who says different (especially girl-peers) is dead wrong and to be politely ignored.

Then I informed her that she wants to be a scientist when she grows up.

B: I do??
Me: Yes! What do you want to be?
B: An Egyptologist!
Me: Well, that is a scientist! It's a lot more than learning history to be in that field.
B: Oh, wow!

Then lots of silence as she took it in.

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Good for you!


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