Friday, December 26, 2008

So many sweets...

Every Christmas Eve we make cut out cookies here. We're not big cookie eaters, but Santa must have his snack, and it is fun for the kids.

This year I wanted to try the 'painted' cookies Pioneer Woman showed on her site a while back. It's a craft and cooking at the same time. :)

This was the first year Carter was old enough to really take part. To keep things a little less chaotic, I gave 'em both a sheet of cookies to work with.

Carter chose this blue-green color and made an entire sheet of monochrome cookies. He was VERY thorough and painted the HECK out of them.


Bunny went a little more crazy with actually painting the cookies. While it took maybe 5 minutes for Carter to paint a sheet, it took a good 20 minutes for Bunny to do the same number of cookies.

After she finished painting them, she would add sprinkles to embellish and enhance. She's very artistic, and this was a perfect way to spend time on a hard to get through day.

Carter also enjoyed using sprinkles. On his second sheet of cookies, he absolutely COVERED his already very well painted cookies with green sprinkles. You'd have never known he painted them in the first place, haha! They did have a neat crunch. ;)

Here, you can see Bunny seems concerned with the amount of sprinkles her brother is using. Mostly because she wanted to use green, too.

I hope Santa appreciated the works of art with which he was presented as he stopped briefly by our home!


-- Mandy -- said...

those look fun! what is the 'paint' made out of? i love how kids tend to drown their cookies in sugar crystals.

Kristianna said...

The paint was so simple. It was an egg yolk and a few drops of food color. Since you bake 'em, there is no oogy raw egg problem. We may do them for Valentines, too!


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