Saturday, August 16, 2008

Verdict: Pork & Bell Pepper Stir Fry

Sorry about the weird post below of a huge, cut off magazine scan. ;) I scanned and uploaded to Google Docs, then instead of publish, I hit the publish to blog button. Bah.

Anyway, the entire recipe is HERE. I am sure in a few days the Rachael Ray site will have the recipe, but as of yesterday there was nada. They send their magazine out WAY early the month before and then update the site a few weeks later.

Aside from the scorching heat in the kitchen, and a need to drink a quart of water while cooking, the recipe was very easy. The one thing I would change is to cut the eggplant smaller than they recommend. The 1" dice left it too uncooked when done for the specified time, so it was pretty chewy. Also, since I don't buy premade stir fry sauce, I mixed my own up with a basic recipe (soy sauce, cornstarch, Splenda (sugar), ginger). It ended up thickening more than I liked, and I kept adding additional chicken broth to thin it. If I make this again, I'd use less cornstarch in my homemade sauce.

However, it was a pretty good stir fry, over all. Bun was not the biggest fan, and Carter, well he's Carter and had just some plain pork and some baby carrots. We grown ups liked it. :)

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