Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sometimes you catch a bit of luck...

car battery, originally uploaded by oceanT.

Last one for today. :)

Paul called me a little bit ago right after an important meeting. Good news: meeting went very well! Bad news: car no starty. I told him to see if they could jump it (he was saying the starter was out, but that seemed unlikely). They did jump it and he's on his way home. He says he was listening to his radio with the car off for a while since he met up near the office where the meeting and rode with a colleague. So maybe the battery is just needing to recharge.

If not, well, no biggie. We'll get a new one, but this one may be under warranty, since I am fairly sure we got him a new one last summer when it had a major service, including a new oil pan (thanks for gluing the plug in, JiffyScrewLube!: that was a nice $350 to spend that you refuse to acknowledge).

Phew. I *so* didn't want to wake Carter to haul the kids to the CalTrain station to pick him up *then* figure out what to do about the car, which would have been 40 miles up the peninsula as a side project tomorrow. ;)

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