Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dog Days of Summer Break

Last week of summer break here! We're trying to get out and do a lot this week, waking somewhat early, and just enjoying the last few days of no-school.

Yesterday we were planning to go to the beach, but it was rather cool and supposed to be foggy in Santa Cruz, so we kept it closer to home, going to a park. This one is really not far from home--just a short drive--but I never seem to go there. We should go more often, since it is really fun. I had thought it was $5 to park everyday, but that's only on weekends.

There's a neat plane for the kids to crawl all over, which was originally a mock T-Bird fighter plane used to train pilots during the Korean War. So Carter had a wonderful time imagining piloting the plane all over. :)

Bunny is not much for pretending she's a pilot, but she had a good time climbing all over the plane, running around it.

And jumping off it from alarming heights. Typical Bunny behavior.

Then it was time to ride the carousel. Bunny wanted to be near Katie and Sarah, while Carter cared more about the color and size of his horse.

This is his classic doing something new face. He may be having the time of his life, but it's all internal. Externally, you just have to know he's happy by the serenity he exudes. He's not going to whoop in delight the first time he rides a roller coaster, I assure you.

There are a lot of cool details to the old horses on this merry go round. I really like the craftsmanship.

As the ride came to an end, Carter tapped the pole and said, "Up again, up again." See, I knew he was enjoying himself! ;)

Katie was really trying to be a big kid like Carter, and followed him around a lot. I think Carter, for his part was happy to have someone follow him, since he's always trying to keep up with the real big kids.

Like here. The older three come tearing around...

Then a few seconds later Carter brings up the rear. He's having a super time, and even is saying, "I gon get-choo!"

Then we rode the train. More of Carter enjoying the heck outta it (internally). He did liven up when we all started to honk at the geese. :)

Cole was on my back in various states of awake and sleepy much of the time (which is the norm), but I woke him and put him on my lap for the train. He was groggy and largely nonplussed. :)

One last one. Self photo. :)

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