Thursday, August 14, 2008

The sun is back to its evil heat-producing ways. ;)

Day 2 of a heatwave here! Whoooodeehoooo! Took the kids to a final trip to the aquatics center this summer yesterday and had a nice time with Christi and her kids. Then came home to our house resembling the inside of an oven. If I'd planned in advance I would have had the portable a/c unit on so it would have been a nice meat locker temperature in the living room. Instead I turned it on at about 5 when it was already 95+. Still, sitting *smack* in front of it, I deemed it better than the alternative. ;) Cole found the chilly air to be humorous.

Today is supposed to be warmer than yesterday. So I'm turning on the air conditioner again, but this time it'll be on... well soon. I want it cool in here before the heat starts to compete.

Then we have a playdate at the park, but since the friends live near the park, we may go swimming at their house instead. We shall see.

(Psst. 10 days until school starts. Not that I'm counting! [I am SO counting.])


Elle said...

Well, at least you have AC now. :)

I am also happy the heatwave stayed away while I was there...and yes, 10 days and counting!

Kristianna said...

Yeah, the weather was so much more mild, and actually well below normal temps when you were here! Come back and bring more cool weather, please, haha.


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