Thursday, August 14, 2008

Carter has a new obsession...

Iron Giant - With Hogarth, originally uploaded by graznador.

The Iron Giant is a recent discovery in our house, though the movie is 10 years old. Carter has watched it daily for the past few days, and could happily have it on a constant loop. As a film viewer with (only slightly) more discerning tastes, I have to say this is a GREAT movie. The end brings a tear to my eye every time.

Anyway, if things continue as they often do with Carter's loves, this will last a couple of months. So, I need to plan IG bday party/cake, and also probably a hween costume! I'm already figuring I can use dryer duct stuff for robot arms and legs... my Carter-bot would be more boxy than this one. :) I have no clue about the head. think think think...

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