Saturday, August 16, 2008

Too tired for history...

I am so bummed... well, not *so* bummed, but I had *wanted* to stay up to see if Phelps could pull off #7 yesterday (today? whenever...). But I fell asleep trying to care about track and field heats (still don't care). I suspect Paul would have awakened me, but we all fell asleep! I woke at about 12:30, noticed the clock, looked around and saw that Paul was out on the floor and Bunny and Carter were asleep on the other sofa. Then, I realized I'd missed the swimming final, got on the computer to see if Phelps won, muttered about missing what appeared to be a super race and put the kids in their beds. Paul's too heavy to carry, so I left him where he was--if I wake him, he wakes too much and then loses sleep, so I have to let him wake to go potty or something, then he wanders to the right place, haha.

Hopefully tonight I will make it late enough to see if Phelps has his perfect Olympics!


Elle said...

Yeah, that was a phenomenal race. Amazing. BUT, the final race was really good too. I bounced up and down on the sofa as I watched it. I wanted to text you, but wasn't sure if you saw it.

Kristianna said...

That relay was AWESOME. If you'd have texted me I'd have been spoiled and POd! I remembered why you got spoiled by CNN. They say live, but nothing is really live on the west coast, except maybe football games (Mon Nite Fball is a happy hour thing here). So everything is 3 hours old for us. I learned years ago to just avoid all media when I want to enjoy 'live' tv. ;)


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