Saturday, August 30, 2008

First Day, Grade 1

2008-08-29 017, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Here's Bunny before she headed off for her first big day of First Grade. As with prior years, Bunny has been, shall we say... unenthusiastic about the changes in store (please let there be less angst over 2nd grade... cut me a break here, haha!).

First grade was a change from the cradle of Kindergarten, and my (often) sweet child had herself all in a bunch over having to learn how to walk around by herself, go to the cafeteria for lunch with the crowd of kids, new teacher, different classmates... Luckily for her, her teacher from last year, Mrs. Cline, has switched grades and teaches 2nd, which just happens to be in the room right by Bunny's. Seeing her as often as she does (2-4 times most days) helps to anchor her--and had Cline remained teaching Kinder Bun would not see her so frequently. It's a little thing, but it gives Bunny strength, I think.

This was a week of review and from the papers I saw come home yesterday, her brains seem to have made it through the summer intact. :)


by Heidi-Marie said...

Give her a couple of weeks. She'll be just fine! Trust me, as the mother of a "slow-to-warm" kid, if mine can do it, your surely can!

PS: CUTE bangs!

Elle said...

I agree! It's a big change for her, so it will take time. :)

TrulyMad said...

Bunny is so adorable, what a big girl!!!


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