Sunday, October 02, 2011


Yesterday we met up with friends at a mini-golf nearby.  It was a great diversion on a perfect first day of October afternoon, and the kids were, well, kids running amok.

We didn’t even attempt to keep score, and really, the adults could have skipped playing completely, but I did get a hole in one and a couple of 2-fers… and a lot of ones where I decided I was never going to get the ball up that stupid volcano shaped thing and into the cup, so I just picked up my ball, because I was bringing up the rear and our party of 8 was already slow enough.  :)


Later Paul kept saying how weird his back felt.  I think it had something to do with how many times he helped a 3 year old putt.



18 holes times however many putts… honestly, I have no idea why his back would have been twingy after that.  Sheesh!  (I’d have been in agony with my funk-a-dunk back.)


Bun and her buddy basically ditched us and played by themselves after a couple of holes, because they’re much cooler than we are.  And the little boys were cramping their style.


So, all my photos of her are from afar.  Here we caught up to them somehow—I’m guessing the party in between us played through when they were busy being girls giggling about something.


Carter likes to hang out by the hole where balls pop out on the cooler holes and generally mess up the lie of everyone’s ball.  He’s a helper like that.


This hole only took us about 52 minutes to complete. 


I love all the detail that goes into the course, which has to be about 50 years old.  Wouldn’t this be the craziest playhouse or garden shed?

047 052

Afterwards we let the kids have Icees and didn’t let them play video games.  Carter can’t really play them anyway… but he sure likes to mess around anyway.


And after that we all gathered at their house for some dinner and playtime.  For a Saturday that began with us not sure we’d do much at all, it worked out to be a pretty great day.

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