Monday, October 31, 2011

“In School” Birthday Celebration

(I have precisely 13 minutes until I need to start loading the younger two into boosters to get to Bun’s Halloween Parade… Make it work!)

Friday was Carter’s Big Day to celebrate his birthday in class.  He wanted cupcakes and since I knew I was making a chocoholic’s delight cake for his real birthday, I made some simple yellow cake with white frosting and cocoa pearls.


I am a mom, therefore I own one of those stacking cupcake carriers.  I might need a second soon, because class sizes are over 30 for the bigger grades and Bun’s class was 23 kids last year, but 33 kids this year.


All the kids circled around Carter, who really was the center of attention for a good 15 minutes of class time.  That’s a big deal for our very-middle child, who sometimes feels pushed out of the spotlight.


The kids all danced around him, 6 of them acting as his candles and the rest being the cake itself.  They also took turns telling him their special birthday wish for him, and many added in, “I love you,” as part of the wish.  Sooooo sweet.  Finally, each child in his class drew him a picture which was bound up in “Carter’s Birthday Book,” for him to take home.  I love those pictures so much and hope Carter enjoys it in years to come, looking back at how one classmate wished to give him a baby bird, and another said he’d give him flying saucers—with green aliens inside!


Cole was allowed to sit with the big kids and even go out to eat the treat.  Lookit him.. he’s so big he looks like he fits in.  :)


It was a lot of fun watching Carter enjoy his ‘time to shine’.  :)

(P.S. I didn’t manage to post even this in my 13 minutes.  We had a great time at the afternoon Halloween Parade and are back for a whole half hour before afternoon dismissal.)

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