Tuesday, October 04, 2011

First Day

So, my baby started preschool today.  He’s been very anxious about it, so he’ll attend for one morning a week until he’s ready to add one more morning.  I was certain it would be very hard to leave him because he flips out if I close the door in the bathroom, telling me, “I want to be in there with you, mama!  I love you!”  That kid never gets tired of me, and it’s really something, since even I get tired of me now and then.  He’s my baby.

We arrived, found the cubby for his stuff, and looked around the room.  He asked me to read him a story, so, of course, I did.  We assembled one puzzle.

It’s almost time for me to go.  I’ll go, you’ll stay and play, then after you all play sleeping animals, I will be there with Carter waiting for you.

Cole’s round little face went blank, then I saw the wheels turning.  His cheeks began to flush (he gets mad hives that’re hot to touch when he’s really upset) and his eyes watered.

I want you to stay here.  With me!

I will stay a few more minutes.  We can do one more puzzle.  Then it will be time for Mama to go—but only for a little while.  I will come back, always.

We did the puzzle.  Cole looked up at me, his eyes bright with eagerness to be big, and a good dose of uncertainty.

Bye, bye Mama.  I love you.

We hugged and I suggested he go to play nearer to the back of the room.  I called once more to say a final goodbye, and we waved to each other.

As I walked to the car and crossed the crisscross walks I looked back once to be sure he wasn’t thinking twice about it all.  But he stayed out of sight.  I hope he’s enjoying himself.  I know he’s proud of himself.  He should be.

Ready for his first day, insisting on shorts and a tee shirt though it’s in the low 60s.

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