Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Halloween2011 209 
This year my crew is a vampire, cave girl, and Clone Trooper.

It was a super busy day.  Carter got to wear his costume to school the entire day, but Bunny had to bring hers to change into for the parade.  AM Kinder kids parade in the morning by themselves, but the rest of the school marches in the afternoon, so most of the school day was spent going to and from school, and hanging out there.  Also, I goofed in buying something for the Kinder Hween party and needed to go to the store right after drop off, then return asap to make sure no one was disappointed by not being able to do their mummy project.

When Cole and I arrived with that last box of gross Fruit By the Foot, the school was in the midst of a fire drill.  I almost had a heart attack, thinking I had misunderstood the time for the morning parade.  Oh well, the kids were awfully cute lined up in their costumes, so I grabbed my camera while I waited to be able to go into the classroom.

Halloween2011 119

As you can see, Carter was very cooperative and didn’t mind me taking photos at all.  :)

Less than 2 hours later, with Cole in his costume, too, naturally, we were back to really watch the parade.

Halloween2011 126

Halloween2011 130

Halloween2011 132

Halloween2011 136

The teachers and staff always dress according to an overall theme, with each grade’s team dressing alike.  This year was sea life, or something like that, and the Kinder staff were… come on you can guess this… jellyfish!  (I thought Ms. Petersen, Carter’s teacher pictured above, might have been a very casually dressed Katy Perry before I saw the full costume.)

Halloween2011 146

There was really only a very short while after the parade until dismissal, so most of the parade goers enjoyed spying on our little hobgoblins finishing their daily work.

Halloween2011 172
Carter was dressed in Star Wars even under his costume, thanks to an AWESOME birthday present from his buddies Desmond and Anika.  I’m not sure who loves his shirt me, him or me.

We went home, gobbled down a quick lunch, and returned for Act II, the “big parade.”  Carter, my monkey boy, spent the entire time up high, searching for his sister and any other ‘big kids’ he knows.

Halloween2011 175

Bunny and I had a great time making her costume this year.  Finding costumes for girls over the age of 6, but under the age of 20 can be really challenging.  What is with the sexy girl costumes?  Who designs these, and more importantly, who approves the designs??  Anyway, I am thankful for Family Fun and their online instructions for mere mortals who are not expert seamstresses.

Halloween2011 187

After another round of “let’s go home for a few minutes—please keep you shoes ON—then we need to go back to school” for the final dismissal, we were home for the long afternoon before trick or treating.

Bring on the pumpkins!

Halloween2011 196

Bunny and Carter cleaned out and carved their pumpkins all by themselves, with me only cutting the lid.  They did a great job, and there was only one little nicked thumb to show for it.

Halloween2011 201

Bunny carved the first and second pumpkin, from left to right.  The next one is the one Cole and I made together, him helping to empty is and instructing me to make a happy guy.

Halloween2011 204

I think Carter’s deserves its own photo, because he really put a lot of work into it—and some blood, too!

Halloween2011 206

Finally it was dark, Paul was home, and the kids tore through the neighborhood begging for treats.  Hope your Halloween was fun, too!

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