Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy, fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!

We went to “a” pumpkin patch yesterday.  Not “the” pumpkin patch, which is more of an excursion, just one a few blocks away, which, really is a pretty sorry excuse for a pumpkin patch, seeing as it’s a corner of a parking lot with the blacktop covered in blue tarp.  We’re jaded.

While it may be a pretty pathetic pumpkin patch, what it is is a really nice outside bouncer place.  Upon entry, you pay the fees, get the kids into wristbands, and off they go onto some incredible bouncy slides.




For a couple of weeks, every time we drove to Target we went past this lot and I was serenaded with a chorus of pleeeeeeases.  So, yesterday was the day.  They really have crazy prices that more or less force you to buy an all day pass, so I was determined they’d get their $15 per kid out of the place.  It wasn’t so hard, to be honest.



This shark slide was the one that got ‘em really going every time we drove by.  It is pretty crazy.


I kept thinking that it looked like Jaws here was spitting out kids that didn’t taste very good.


After about an hour and a half, everyone was thirsty, had to go potty, and was also hungry.  Since the ‘patch’ was open until 9:00, I got us all fed, grabbed sweaters from home, and we went back again for another hour and a half.  These three never stopped moving as afternoon turned to dusk and finally the moon and stars came out.



You can see how sweaty this bunch was near the end.  They all earned their baths that night!

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