Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chocolaty, Salty, Pretzely…

…okay, that last one’s not a word.  It should be, okay?

I am a sucker for Matthew Mead’s seasonal magazines.  Saturday I was flipping through Autumn 2011, trying to decide what to make the next day when Paul asked me what I was looking at.  He assumed it was a Martha magazine, and when I told him about Matthew M. he wanted to look for a while.  Anyway, he developed an instant crush on a recipe and asked me to make it ASAP.  And an extra one to take to work to share.

His photos to go with the recipe for Chocolate Pretzel Tart are far superior to mine, especially since I didn’t remember to take a photo until I was boxing up the second tart for travel.  Fancy aluminum foil and all, it still looks good, and it tasted even better.

My word.  Pretzels in the crust?  Salt on top?  It is a very good thing I forced our guests to take home the 4 slices that remained Sunday, else I’d a been a nibbling on that until it was gone, gone, gone.  I drizzled some warm Fleur de Sel Caramel (Trader Joe’s in a jar) on top when serving it.


Looking at that photo, I kind of wish I had one more nibble, though.  ;)

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