Wednesday, November 02, 2011

::a frightful lot of snippets::

~so many little bits and pieces I’ll never get to if I try to make coherent, individual posts,
so here is is, stream of consciousness… buckle up, it may be bumpy!~

Halloween2011 071

Cole’s preschool class had a little Halloween Parade last Thursday.  They all were adorable in their costumes, especially since no one had any idea what to do.  3-4 year olds are stinkin’ cute.

Halloween2011 022



Bunny was named Peacebuilder for her class in October.  The theme this first month of the program was ‘helpfulness’ and Bunny certainly does love to help people, and was happy when her name was called, though someone pointed out I was in the back of the room, which did tip her off just a little, haha.


Cole had a great time clapping for everyone.  Seriously, if there was an “enthusiastic applauder” award, he’d have won, hands down.



We fit in one final trip to the ‘bouncy house pumpkin patch’ nearby.  It was jam-packed with kids from our neighborhood, and we were there until well after dark.





Every Tuesday Carter is dismissed from school about 40 minutes before Cole’s preschool day ends.  So, we have “Mama-Carter Time,” at the park.


Usually he chooses “Turtle Park,” which has a lot of climbing walls.  He’s been practicing on the walls a good half hour a week, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but, dang, he’s becoming kind of a monkey.



Another new routine we’re in is a weekly playdate with the rest of the kids who have A.M. Kindergarten.  Since they’re out midday, there are still hours to play before time to pick up Bunny, and a couple days a week Carter really likes to simply be home, eat lunch, and play with his toys, but we also picnic at school and go to Running Club twice a week, and to the park playdate once weekly.  Both the boys love the extra playtime with other kids.






Happy Wednesday!

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