Tuesday, September 27, 2011


“I won’t put up Halloween decorations until it’s October.  Before that is just too early!”

I think I have said that to my kids about 100 times in the past month.  I mean it, too.  This pushing forward of every holiday to have a seamless retail flow becomes a bit nuts when it’s early September and the stores are all orange and black—but then it becomes even more desperate when, before it’s even Halloween, those Christmas lights start replacing the candy in the seasonal section, making it kind of frustrating for those of us who can’t buy candy until right before Halloween, lest the goblins they live with—and their father—cherry-pick all the best candies by about October 25.  (This appears to be an annual tradition in our home: there is always a point right around that date when Paul and the kids descend upon me insisting I have a horde of candy that they need to nibble on.  Of course, they’re right… and then there I am buying even more because I like to be overly generous on Halloween and give kids like 6 pieces each because, hey, it makes them so happy!)

But, this morning I woke with a hankering to decorate and change over to fall.  I tided myself over by putting a more fall-colored cloth on the table, but it’s in the air… the desire to say farewell to summer and hello to fall, my second favorite season.  Soon I will be enjoying the stained glass covered bridges of red and yellow leaves near the kids’ school, and pretending it’s not in the upper 80s outside, making pumpkin scented foods and wishing to put on sweaters and boots.  Soon Carter and Bunny will be campaigning to add more “scary” decorations to our collection, while Cole and I will be agreeing that we like the cuter/folksier side of the spectrum.  Paul knows not to engage in this debate.  He just wants candy and then to complain to me that he ate too much of it.  :)

If I’m able to score enough apples, I want to make some votive holders like this.


Sadly, the very elderly gentleman behind us has passed away and his apple trees are nearly breaking up under the weight of the fruit… I may need to offer to pick them if I run across his (my age) grandchildren who also live in the neighborhood.  A pot of apples turning into sauce sounds like a great autumn welcome, too.  Plus, the rate Cole goes through the squeezy apple/other fruit sauce packets is making me feel bad about the trash.  I saw THESE reusable versions and wonder if they’d clean up well enough to be practical as an alternative.  Big boy needs sauce!

Thinking about these things will help stave off the need to deck the halls with orange and black for a few more days, right?  ‘Cuz I have cute new and awesome older stuff that I am itching to put out.  Itching, I tell you.

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