Monday, November 29, 2010

Meal Plan Monday, Nov 29

Another Thanksgiving under the belt (and perhaps on the hips, too)!  The kids and I had a nice long weekend, and a great time at Thanksgiving, hosted by our friends.  It’s the first time since a year or two before Bun was born that we went to someone else’s house for Turkey Day, and I have to say I liked it!

Today is the back to life, back to reality Monday, and I also like that.  After dropping kid #2 at school #2, the big baby and I have been enjoying a quiet morning—and I really do think he also enjoyed the quiet after his schedule being all change-a-rooed for 5 days in a row.  We’ve been doing simple chores and playing with play dough.  Since he’s not quite 3, keeping the colors separate is still an impossible, pointless task, but he’s starting to play a bit more creatively—we made lots of fruit salad (yummy, yummy).

Since we have a lot of leftovers and some frozen stuff in the freezer which needs to be saved from the heartbreak of frost burn, the plan is heavy on makeover meals or pulling out frozen tomatoes, etc.  It’s been DAMN cold (by my standards) and I am craving wintry foods… it really feels like winter now (by our standards).

I may or may not be rationalizing baking yummy things because the oven warms the house nicely.  :)

Monday:  Ham & Green bean casserole (adapted from THIS recipe), cooked just to save extra Thanksgiving green beans and not for dinner, and Low Carb Picadillo with fauxtatoes
Tuesday: Butternut Squash-Leek Soup, Pioneer Woman’s Meatloaf (froze half last time I made it)
Wednesday: Easy Pork Carnitas, Black Beans, Rice
Thursday: Bratwurst, Kale with Sundried Tomatoes (adapted from THIS)
Friday: Yam and Black Bean Burritos
Saturday: Bunny’s Choice
Sunday: Not. A. Clue.  :D

I plan to shop later this week, Thursday or Friday, depending on when the milk levels reach critical here, and am going to figure out the rest when it’s time.  :)

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