Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween-palooza Part 1

You know when you find old photos from some spontaneous day that, even though you know you enjoyed it a lot, you also mysteriously forgot about the day until the photos jarred your memory?  Well, oddly enough, I feel that way about a time a while back I like to call Friday of last week.  :)  We had such a jam-packed 3 days, that it’s a blur my mind has a hard time settling on in any one place, like how a butterfly might have a hard time picking out one poppy in a windy field of thousands.  There is so much goodness.

So, I’ll just start at the beginning.

Friday was the day we were to share a treat at Carter’s preschool for his birthday.  Birthday Boy chose donuts, natch.  (He really loves donuts, and we have them maybe twice a year.)  Cole and I dropped him off, scurried over to buy donuts for the class and some other essentials like a candle shaped like a big 5 for the party the next day, then hightailed it back to his school just as story time ended.

Carter is always front and center, and very involved in stories where participation is required.  He loves school.

I love these itty tables.  Almost as great as my love of how perfect they are for the kids is my joy at watching us grown up Gullivers sitting trying to fold our ridiculously long legs with some semblance of dignity.  Fathers are especially fun to watch at preschool tables.  :)


Cole couldn’t have been happier to sit with the big kids.  Nearly every day he’s ticked off that I, yet again, have clearly forgotten he should stay and play all day at Carter’s school, too.  So, that day, when Teacher asked if he’d like to sit next to Carter, Cole made a beeline and grinned like crazy.  “Finally,” he seemed to be thinking.

I believe Carter’s abiding affection for chocolate has been well documented.  I can sneak spinach into a smoothie if it has enough chocolate to cover the color and taste.  He requested a donut with chocolate glaze and sprinkles.  Done and doner.


We all sang happy birthday and the teachers hoisted him in the air 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 times to mark his age.

Donuts were gobbled and snack time was over.  Time for Cole and Mama to go home, but only for a bit, because the class Halloween party was also that day…

to be continued…

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