Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween-palooza Part 2

Returning to my little trip down memory lane from a zany time I like to call 4 days ago…

After prying Cole out of his chair at Carter’s school and heading home for an hour or so, my littlest buddy and I went for a 3rd time that day to attend a very special event: the Halloween Party.

Carter’s class has 10 students, but one is very allergic to many foods and didn’t attend that day. The rest of the gang lined up for a special treat.

They’d been working hard to learn a couple of songs to sing for us.

After the grand performance, which was super cute, you have to admit, we had a little crafting.

The kids made haunted houses.

Carter is really coming along staying on task, and spent more time than any of the kids making his house just how he liked it. He was also proud when I displayed it near the front door with all the other Halloween decorations. :)

After a little party food, we had to hit the road to get to the next part of our busy day--Halloween parade at Bunny's school! be continued...

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