Saturday, November 06, 2010

Halloween-palooza IV (Feliz Cumpleaños, Baby)

Saturday comes early for most moms.  A Saturday that is a child’s 5th birthday, wherein you’re hosting a party at home comes darn early.  The day before Carter had fallen asleep at an odd, unexpected time, and had one of those naps…  the funky kind when you wake at dusk and are completely disoriented, unsure if it’s the next morning or not.  He work and walked over to me rubbing his eyes, saying, “Is it my birthday now?!?”  I felt so bad when I had to answer that it was still the day before.

The next morning when it was his big day, Carter was up earlier than usual, just in time for a healthy breakfast of cake batter.


When it’s your FIFTH birthday, or any birthday, there is no such thing as too early to lick cake batter off the beater.


Even though to party was not scheduled until noon, I ordered the bounce house to arrive nice and early.  Hey, you get it all day for the same price and it’s special!  Plus, it kept the kids out of my hair while I tidied up and finished making the cake/cupcakes.  Win-win!

Carter and his brother and sister spent the better part of 8 hours bouncing and sliding.  Seriously, they barely even took breaks to eat or go to the bathroom.


I thought this was a funny moment at the party – four boys all playing with the Barbie house Bunny kindly brought out for some girls to play with.


Carter had a specific request for his cake this year: chocolate with chocolate chips, chocolate frosting, and M&Ms—plus a “5” candle.  Done, done, done, done, & done.


It was really yummy for chocoholics.  Though Carter insisted, “If you don’t like chocolate, don’t eat my cake,” I also made vanilla cupcakes with Halloween funfetti frosting.  :)


Then it was time for Carter’s 3rd wish (bounce house, cake being numbers 1 & 2): pinata!



026  031  035

Whack!  Whack!  Whack!


WHACK!!!  (Good thing I made Bunny wait until all the other kids had their chance at bat because she nailed it and sent the candy flying!)


We waited until most of the guests went home, then Carter tore into the presents…


…often with some helping hands.

Then, it was back out to the bouncy to burn off cake and candy.

051  052
055  059

The kids had to be shooed out of the bounce house when the driver came to pick it up at about 5:30, a full 8 hours after it arrived.

I hope Carter enjoyed his birthday and felt like a star that day.  We love him so much.

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