Thursday, November 04, 2010

Halloween-palooza Part 3

Man, 3rd post and she’s still on Friday?!? What the heck?
I know, I know…

The preschool party ended at 1:00 and the elementary school Halloween Parade started at 1:15. Thank goodness his school is really close to hers. We found a parking spot only a couple of blocks from school, which is not too bad when you consider that a couple of hundred cars were suddenly crammed in the neighborhood (though that is because I know not to try the two streets directly adjacent to school), and scrambled down the street, across the street, and across the playfield just in time to see Bun’s class coming out to line up for the parade.

I was sad that I could not be in two places at once to help her dress for the parade, but her costume was simple at least. For the parade she was half her choice… just a hobo. The vampire part was to be unveiled on the big night itself.


Bun wasn’t really into the idea of preparing for the parade, so her costume was not as big a deal as some others’ were… and I think it bummed her out once she was there. However, I still think she was an awfully cute hobo. (I’m sure next year she’ll want to plan more.)


I need to take a moment to say how cool it is that the school principal dresses up like a penguin every year. This year’s theme for the teachers was in line with the school’s ‘get active’ program, and all the teachers wore some sports uniform (that’s Bun’s teacher in the gi). That’s also why the Mrs. Penguin carried dumbbells. She did curls with them the entire 10 minutes or so that she led the parade. :)


I think this is as much fun as my girl has had with her specs… she had a blast once she realized she could make herself look so attractive. :)

Once home, I made a totally lame dinner (tacos I think??), and I fell asleep that night watching Clash of the Titans (the real one from my childhood, not the crappy 3D redo) with the kids. I didn’t even make it to the cool scene with Medusa, I was so tired, but I needed the rest, because a certain middle child of mine was turning 5 the very next day and we had big plans.

…to be continued…

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