Saturday, June 26, 2010


I can’t believe it’s already been a week and a day since we started our annual pilgrimage… as usual, a whirlwind.  It feels so odd to say it’ll be almost 2 more weeks until I am back home, yet I wonder it it won’t fly also.

virginia2010 004
The kids have really been pretty good (knock wood!).  Sure, there are squabbles and meltdowns along the way, but hey, that happens at home.

virginia2010 032 
Popsicles are great on hot, humid days.  They’re a good bribe, too… usually.

virginia2010 116 
The Udvar-Hazy annex to the Air & Space museum is rad.  It’s also extremely air conditioned, which is almost as good as a nice cold popsicle when it’s 102 out and about 1500% humidity.

virginia2010 067 
Carter loved this place.  Really, all the kids did, but Carter was in what we call the Carter-Zone.  The air around him was charged with his excitement and curiosity.

virginia2010 135
We were there for hours and hours because 1) it’s enormous and 2) we had to stop and read the explanations for so many things as our little scientist was insatiable.  What’s this?  Read me this one!

virginia2010 178 
This is Bun’s first-ever attempt at a hands-first, real-deal dive off a board.  That girl is a natural.  Sure, if I were an Olympic judge, I’d say there was a little over rotation, but damn, the kid can dive!  9.9 from the Mom-istan official, a rather totalitarian regime, but generous with her scoring.  :)

Speaking of, the Momistanian official needs to hit the sack.  As much as I am enjoying the cool breeze outside tonight, and the full moon, a shower and shut eye seems more prudent.  Ta ta!

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