Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Bunny’s Boxcar

Bun’s class read The Boxcar Children this spring, and enjoyed it so much they all wanted to make their own boxcar play houses. After hearing about it, she finally brought hers home a while ago, and it is a masterpiece, I think. :)


She included so many details, it’s hard to catch them upon first glance. The play house has a pool in the yard—complete with rooftop high dive!


If anyone needs a little help, there is a rescue ring by the pool, and—what else?!?—a little bunny to supervise.


In the running for favorite detail is this clothes line, with a wardrobe hung out to dry from a stand alone tree. My girl likes shirts with graphics on them—finally! Years ago she declared she would only wear plain tees, but that changed in this past year.


Inside the boxcar there is a book shelf, desk, stove with food on it, and (I think) a sofa bed. :)


Here’s the other contender for most favorite detail: the backyard! Look at that hammock!

There’s often not enough time for extended creative expression nowadays, what with all the must-learns being crammed in for the sake of test scores. Our school does a pretty good job of balancing it all, especially in the month after testing is done, when they finally exhale, accept they’ve done the best they can do, and let the kids’ minds roam free a little. Oh, where those minds do go!

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