Friday, June 11, 2010

Fairy Garden Pot

Last day of school!  In just a few hours my big girl will be a 3rd grader.  Mainly, to her, that means she can use the ‘biggest kid’ playground at school next year, which has superior monkey bars.  :)

This year Bunny really wanted to make and give a personal gift.  Bunny loves creating and putting her all into a project, and this was a great outlet for her to show her love tangibly.  The girl is chock full of love, and by the end of every year, she loves her teacher as family.


We decided to make Fairy Gardens, inspired by THIS craft at Pink and Green Mama.  After gathering supplies and inventorying what we already had, we put the long Wednesday afternoon that minimum school day each week affords to good use.


These little wooden birdhouses were $1 at Michael’s, and though the inspiration piece had one house, Bun is a more is more kind of kid, and could make no less than two.  Really, she wanted to cram 3-4 houses in there, but I played Tim Gunn multiple times in this project, insisting she edit, edit, edit.  :)


Bunny painted this little figurine around Easter, but we agreed it was too cute to not include along with a sign made with a bit of paper and a toothpick.


Bunny’s little brothers also made their own bird houses, which we hung on the apricot tree.  All in all, this was a fun project, and a cute gift idea that didn’t involve a single cheesy apple.  :)

Goodbye, 2nd Grade!  Hello, Summer 2010!


a frank design said...

That's adorable. Chloe and Ella like to make fairy gardens. They could have some fun together.

-- Mandy -- said...

what a CUTE idea!! those little tiny wood projects from michael's are GREAT! we've done the birdhouses before, too. tell Bunny she did a FABULOUS job and i would have LOVED to receive this as a gift if i were her teacher :) A+ !!!

-- Mandy -- said...

want me to post it once more, just in case you couldn't read the first two? ;) *sorry*

Kristianna said...

Aimee, Bun would love to play with your girls some this summer! They definitely seem to be of the same 'industrious-crafsty-builder' minds.

Kristianna said...

Mandy, if one comment is good, three is better. :D


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