Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Peekin’ at the Peaks of Otter

Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a leisurely drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway up to the Peaks of Otter. When I was a kid, we’d go up there a few times a year. Since it was super hot out, it seemed like a pretty drive would be perfect to allow the boys to snooze and still give Bunny some new experiences and help her learn more about the area.

We cross 3000 foot mountains frequently back home going to the beach, but the drive is a means… on the Parkway it’s the point.

virginia2010 005
It didn’t take too long for Bunny to understand why they’re called the Blue Ridge Mountains… that haze does beautiful things.

virginia2010 010
Though we drove mostly, we did hop out for closer looks at views and a quick hike at Onion Mountain. I believe I said, “don’t step on anything green,” and “that’s poison ivy” about 75 times in 5 minutes. Perhaps it was 175 times. Bunny surely thought I was being over the top, but she has no clue how much poison ivy sucks, and I really don’t want to have to suffer that with her. She’s not a stoic person when it comes to bug bites or other itchies. :)

virginia2010 013
We all got out to see the Lodge at Peaks of Otter… and you know I had to let them rock on this porch for a while! What you can’t tell from the photo is that it is BUGGY there. Lake Abbot makes the scenery just plain gorgeous, but, oh man… the gnats. Carter and Bunny were quick studies in Gnat Avoidance 101, but Cole wanted me to make it stop! Shoo, shoo! Mama, let’s go home!

virginia2010 019
However, we did explore the lake area a little. I couldn’t let us be chased away by some silly gnats… at least not that quickly. My ancestors braved much more hardship—we can handle bugs that don’t even bite. ;)

virginia2010 039
Bunny really liked these reeds by water’s edge… A frog was looking me right in the eye, and I poked it with a piece of grass. She and I both loved the multi-colored dragonflies skimming the water.

virginia2010 036
A bit of a boggy creek runs under this bridge. Carter loved lying on his belly and just watching itty creepies and hoppies do their thing below.

virginia2010 041
No matter where, a big expanse of grass begs you to run.

Ultimately, though, the bugs won.

virginia2010 043
Who hates gnats?
I do, that’s who!!

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