Saturday, June 05, 2010

Cookin’ the Book: Pioneer Woman’s Fried Chicken

Time for another recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I’m attempting to cook every one of her recipes (in the book, not her site!) by the end of the summer.
Considering all the crazy things I have made in my life, maybe it’s kooky that I’ve never-ever-ever made fried chicken. Perhaps once a year or so we buy that bucket, but it’s simply not a food I think much about… however, my youngest child discovered a deep passion for fried chicken recently at a beach bonfore/picnic when we brought the ‘bucket' chicken’. Little dude yelped with pleasure as he ate the drumstick I was helping hold for him with such gusto that he bit my finger harder than I have ever felt in my life. Then I yelped, but not with pleasure!
Clearly it was time to try out Pioneer Woman’s recipe, which I had been eyeing for a while. As with all her recipes, it was super simple. For all I know this is the way everyone except my mom makes fried chicken (‘cuz I never saw her do it the few times she made it), but the genius step was adding 1/4 c buttermilk to the seasoned flour mixture and stirring it only until there were sporadic clumps throughout… those clumps, when adhered to the chicken and fried up made for great texture and general awesomeness. Paul’s only semi-complaint was that he thought it needed more spice—but we like things a bit on the spicy side here. :)
Overall, it’s a definite thumbs up. Sadly, this is one the ‘book only’ recipes, and not available on her site. Darn!

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JZNJ said...

Like you, I have NEVER made fried chicken, so I understand how strange this recipe must have been.

But, I made PW enchiladas, my first time ever, twice in the last two weeks, and even frying those corn tortillas seemed unusual for my cooking style. But, they were worth it for the 20 year olds around here this summer.

Enjoy reading your venture, but probably pass on the fried chicken. Have many, many of PW woman's other recipes which are almost always wonderful, and a running joke around here.
Had Cowboy Caviar on my buffet table this weekend, and someone joked it must be PW recipe, nope-was Costco!!!!!


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